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05 Ekim 2023
1 Gün
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Microsoft Outlook is the most commonly used communication and diary tool in the world. Many people use it without ever being properly trained in its use. Many people are thrown in at the deep end when expected to suddenly use computers for electronic communication, sometimes with little or no expertise to call on.

QA’s own written in-house course is for just these people. For complete novices or seasoned users wishing to learn the ‘bits’ they’ve never had time to find for themselves… this 1-day course is for you.

The list of topics is fully customisable for single customer dedicated events and can therefore be tailored to exact needs.

This course is suitable for users of Microsoft Outlook versions 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019. If you're attending at a QA location, the course will be delivered on Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Target Audience

Anyone wishing to learn the skills of Microsoft Outlook for use with any version from and including Microsoft Outlook 2010 to the most up-to-date version.
It is suited to anyone from complete novice to self-taught user of many years looking to work smarter with the world’s most popular electronic communication and diary software.

Please note, this course will include topics of a basic nature right up to obscure options and some advanced techniques.

Before attending this course, delegates should be comfortable with navigating a Windows environment and using a Mouse and Keyboard. They DO NOT necessarily need to have used Microsoft Outlook before, although general knowledge of using an email system and/or electronic communication systems is desirable.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Create emails and email content to an advanced standard
  • Modify various options to improve use of email and Outlook in general
  • Store and locate email in smart, efficient ways
  • Use the Calendar to manage their own schedules and those of others
  • Create and manage meeting invites
  • Create, manage and assign Tasks
  • Work with Contacts and Notes

Module 1 - Introducing Outlook

  • Topic A: The Role of Microsoft Outlook
  • Topic B: Exploring the Outlook Interface
  • Topic C: Using Microsoft Outlook Help

Module 2 - Email Basics

  • Topic A: Create and Send an Email
  • Topic B: Reading and Responding to Emails
  • Topic C: Delete Emails
  • Topic D: Print Emails
  • Topic E: Using Mail Folders

Module 3 - Additional Email Features

  • Topic A: Work with Attachments Received and Ones to Send
  • Topic B: Set Up and Work with the Automatic Reply Feature
  • Topic C: Create and Modify Signatures
  • Topic D: Set Email Options on Outgoing Email
  • Topic E: ‘Flag’ Emails for Follow Up
  • Topic F: Add Advanced Email Content to Enhance Emails
  • Topic G: Use Advanced Formatting on Selected Text and Paragraphs

Module 4 - Calendar and Meetings

  • Topic A: Create an Appointment
  • Topic B: Create an Event
  • Topic C: Create a Meeting
  • Topic D: Manage Meeting Responses
  • Topic E: Respond to a Meeting Request
  • Topic F: Create Recurring Calendar Items
  • Topic G: Share your Calendar and View Other Users’ Calendars
  • Topic H: Print your Calendar

Module 5 - Tasks

  • Topic A: Create a Task
  • Topic B: Modify a Task
  • Topic C: Assign Tasks to Other Users
  • Topic D: Keep Track of Assigned Tasks
  • Topic E: Use the To-Do Bar

Module 6 - Contacts

  • Topic A: Create a Contact
  • Topic B: Modify a Contact
  • Topic C: Manage Contacts
  • Topic D: Create a Contact Group
  • Topic E: Sharing Contact Information

Module 7 - Notes

  • Topic A: Create a Note
  • Topic B: Modify a Note

Module 8 - Organising Outlook Items

  • Topic A: Search for an Outlook Item
  • Topic B: Use ‘Search Folders’
  • Topic C: Modify the Current View
  • Topic D: Create and Modify Quick Steps
  • Topic E: Create and Use Folders
  • Topic F: Explore, Create and Modify Outlook ‘Rules’

Appendix 1: Email Etiquette

Appendix 2: Outlook Options

  • Topic A: Modify General Options
  • Topic B: Modify the Email Options
  • Topic C: Modify the Calendar Options

Appendix 3: Design Forms

Appendix 4: Keyboard Shortcuts

Please note: QA reserves the right to improve the specification and format of its courses for the benefit of its customers without notice t

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