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As Turkey’s most experienced IT training center, we are always evolving ourselves and adopt to the latest technology trends before anyone else. We are becoming stronger with our international partnerships and providing you the top quality IT trainings. Thanks to our partnerships, we are able to provide you IT trainings beyond traditional classroom trainings with the corporate online training platform Cloud Academy. This revolutionary IT training method has been so popular among our customers since the day of it’s introduction.

With our partner corporate online training platform, we present you much more than a traditional classroom training. With the Cloud Academy, it is now possible for you to practice what you have learned in your classroom training and test yourself with pre-tests before taking your certification exam. During your time at remote working, you can specialize in the field of your choice with this online training platform. You choose a “learning path” about a subject of your desire for yourself or your team. You can choose a path from Cloud Academy’s extensive training library; which includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud, Python, Containers, Cyber Security, IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data. You can test your knowledge with the exams of the online trainings and you can take the opportunity to intensify your knowledge with the original labs of vendors. With our support team we always assist you throughout your journey to success on the corporate online training platform Cloud Academy. With the “Content Engine” you can customize your learning paths with the help of our expert trainers. You can refresh your knowledge before your certification exams and enhance your success with the exam samples on our partner corporate online training platfrom Cloud Academy.

*Cloud Academy Learning Path - Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS

*Cloud Academy Original Labs - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console

Once you start to discover the advantages of the corporate online training platform Cloud Academy with your team, you’ll see there is many other privileges have been developed for you. You can customize the paths that you have choosen for your team, and assign an admin for your team. The admin can monitor the progress of the team and see their achievements on their learning paths. Also, the admin can also prepare customized exams and exercises for their team. With the corporate online training platform Cloud Academy, we provide our participants an experience beyond a traditional classroom training, With the support of our awarded, expert trainers, you can create an efficient training environment for both yourself and your team.

Nowadays, with the digital transformation process, everyone has taken their place in the digital area. We adapt to digital transformation in every area in the face of world tools that change day by day. As an outcome of digital transformation, we also adapt to evolving social requirements thanks to the possibilities offered by modern technology. Today, the effects of digital transformation are seen in every area. As Turkey’s most experienced IT training center, we already have also taken our place in the digital transformation process. We continue to support our beloved customers with our partner corporate online training platform on their journey to a much more modern training process. We observe an increase on the demand of Cloud Academy alongside an increased demand in our virtual trainings. Start your digital transformation process on your IT training plans with our partner corporate online training platform! You can specialize on a field of your choice at the comfort of your home during your time at remote working!

Don’t postpone your IT training plans, verge to online solutions. To join our partner corporate online training platfrom Cloud Academy contact us:
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Watch the introduction video to our partner corporate online training platform:

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